Energy-tour on Bornholm. In 2025 Bornholm is a  carbon neutral society based on sustainable and renewable energy. Get acquianted with the test-island.  Learn how our  Bright Green Island-strategy is working. See, hear, learn. Hands on.  More than a thousand household is testing how the future energy system can absorb far more solar-, wind- and biomass-power than today.


100 percent of the local power production derives from the sun, the wind an biomass.


Up to a 1.000 local household is testing a future with more solarpower, more windpower and more energy from biomass.


The majority of the local households is heated from the sun, the wind and biomass.

Experience, eat, sleep, learn, develop, networking

In cooperation with our partners we are pleased to offer you an all inclusive experience: transport, accommodation, food, program, meetings etc.

Our ambitious energy strategy, our Bright Green Island Strategy and our many research and development initiatives has attracted a lot of people from all over the world.

Energy Tour Bornholm is offering 100 percent tailormade stays. Either solely on Bornholm or in Copenhagen as well. Energy Bornholm is cooperating with State of Green, Powerlab and Smart City Copenhagen.

The island (our netwoark) has more then 1.000 years of practise with guests and tourists.

We dont hesitate to share our experiences, our vision, strategy and actions: Waste as ressource. Windmills. Solar-power. Biogas. District heating. Sustainable building. Energy renovations. Sustainable strategys for small communities and big cities. Energy strategies. Pure water. Climate change adaption.

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